Here you will find a series of links of interest whether you are a translator, future translator, or simply looking for more information about my profession. I have classified them in the categories you see below:


terminology, grammatical and style resources

CORDE – corpus

CREA – corpus

British National Corpus

BITRA – database of the Department of translation and interpreting of the University of Alicante

IATE – terminology database of the European Union

Termium Plus – terminology database of the Government of Canada FR-EN

Le Conjugueur de Le Figaro y – forums

The Economist – Economist – style guide

Tesauro EIONET’s network

Travlang – multitude of online resources

BDL Banque de dépannage linguistique



El Blog de Pablo Muñoz “Something more than translating” where we can find references to multiple blogs of translation and interpretation

Blogs by Alicia Martorell and multiple resources for the freelance translator

En la luna de Babel – Blog about languages and translation.  ¿Qué significa traducir?

Traducir es descubrir – Laeticia Abihssira’s blog

Bootheando – The blog of a conference interpreter

El taller del traductor – Elizabeth Sánchez León’s blog

El traductor en la sombra – Isabel García Cutillas’s blog

10 excellent blogs about translation according to ABOUT



APTIJ – Professional translators and court interpreters Association in Spain

ASETRAD – Spanish Association of Translators, Correctors and Interpreters

La linterna del traductor – The multilingual magazine of ASETRAD

Red Vértice – Network of associations of professional translators, interpreters and correctors with presence in Spain

Puntoycoma – the Bulletin of Spanish translators of the institutions of the European Union

UN translator manual

SELM Spanish society of modern languages

60 free eBooks on translation and interpretation

Eur-Lex – the legal portal of the European Union

Internet resources for translators of the University of Alicante